1914 WW1 RFC Training Manual Royal Flying Corps Part 1 War Office pre RAF


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Training Manual Royal Flying Corps Part 1

General Staff War Office 1914

Paperback pocket book

Stated in the front of the book – This Manual is issued by command of the Lords Commisioners of the Admiralty and by command of the Army Council for the guidance of all concerned. Stamped signatures of the Secretary, Admiralty & Secretary, War Office. 15th May 1914

Very rare Royal Flying Corps publication.

Covers the following subjects with illustrations:

Care of aeroplanes, care of aeroplane sheds, repair of aeroplanes and organisation of workshops. Assembling, erecting and truing up of aeroplanes. Care and repair of internal combustion engines, instruments, compasses. Instructions in flying, navigation of the air by day, meteorology and motor transport.

Size: 10.5cm x 13.5cm x 1cm approx.

Condition: Good condition for the age of the book. All pages are intact as is most of the spine. There is a small scorch mark to the back page of the book. Please see photographs for condition.


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