1933 American Edition Flying Manual by Modern Mechanix Pilot and Builders Book


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Flying Manual 1933 edition

The pilot and Builders Handbook

Aviation’s How to Build Handbook for 1933

American Edition

Contains complete plans for a variety of planes including The Hickman Baby Seaplane & The Longster Monoplane…

Lots of information, diagrams and pictures, perfect for the aviation fan

Published by Modern Mechanix and Inventions, Fawcett Publications Inc. Minneapolis U.S.A

Size: 17cm x 24cm x 1cm approx.

Condition: Good condition considering the age of the book and the amount of times it will have been thumbed through. It is torn on the spine and has come apart at the bottom so this follows all through the book but the rest of the pages are intact. Please see the photographs.

Our ref: 19012501

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