Aircraft Jet Engine Exhaust Cowl Nacelle Cowling BAC 111 Rolls Royce Spey


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BAC 111 Aircraft

 Rolls Royce Spey Jet engine Exhaust Cowl


Rolls Royce Spey is a low-bypass turbofan engine originally designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce that has been in service for over 40 years.


Intended for the civilian jet airliner market when it was being designed in the late 1950s, the Spey concept was also used in various military engines, such as the Bucaneer and Phantom.

The cowl we have here today is from The British Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven, also known as the BAC-111 or BAC 1-11. It was a British short-range jet airliner of the 1960s and 1970s. This Cowling is from a known aircraft which gives it some nice history as well.

Ideal for using as a piece of aviation art or turning into a:

Coffee Table, Sculpture, Chair, Cocktail Bar or Bespoke BBQ etc etc


Made from high grade aluminium with a heat resistant strip of stainless material


SIZE: – Diameter 100cm max approx at the widest point
-Max height around 140 cm
-weight 100Kg max? at a guess. Two people can easily lift it.
Condition as per photograph. Scratches and Grazes. a few minor patches of corrosion. One piece of the lower flange is damaged. This can be seen in the 2nd to last photo. This. would easily trim off.
Last Photo illustrates BAC 111 Aircraft.
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