Aircraft Lycoming O-320 Engine Crank Shaft Cessna Piper Cherokee Upcycle


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Lycoming O-320 Engine

Crank Shaft

as fitted to Cessna and Piper Cherokee aircraft

This is a flat plane crank that would have been fitted to a 4 cylinder piston engine.

This is a beautiful piece of engineering and would make a fantastic display in your home or office. It could also be upcycled into a unique piece of aviation art.

Part Number: 13B373022

Other markings: V537923901  P1D

Size: height 57cm, 16.5cm width (max), 15cm width (min)

Weight: 14.75Kg

Condition: We have no history or paperwork with this item. The item is sold “as is”.  The item appears very shiny with some marks/wear from its time in use as per photos.


The Lycoming O-320 is a large family of 92 different normally aspirated, air-cooled, four-cylinder, direct-drive engines commonly used on light aircraft such as the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee. Different variants are rated for 150 or 160 horsepower (112 or 119 kilowatts). As implied by the engine’s name, its cylinders are arranged in horizontally opposed configuration and a displacement of 320 cubic inches (5.24 L).

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