Boeing Airline Aircraft Seat Base Ideal Coffee Table / Furniture / Bench Upcycle


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Boeing Airline Seat Base

**Ideal for converting into aviation themed Coffee Table or Bench Seat

Cut down to ideal size for conversion into Aviation Themed Coffee Table or Bench Seat for your Business Reception Area or ‘Personal Space’ Cave

Size: 56cm length x 35cm max high (33 min high) 48cm max width approx. Weight 4.15kg

Used as flown condition.  Some scratches and dark marks from usage and from where it’s been cut down. Photos are of one example only but both items are in similar detailed condition.

Ideal for creating one-off aviation themed piece of furniture. Has been cut down from its original length.

Last 1 available!

Weight approx. 4.15kg / volumetric weight 22kg.


Our ref: 17072460

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