English Electric Canberra WK128 RAF Aircraft Rolls Royce Avon Mk1 Jet Engine


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Rolls Royce Avon Mk1 Jet engine

Removed from English Electric Canberra Aircraft serial: WK128

Lovely clean early spec Avon jet engine with aircraft history and know hrs.

This engine has the MOD F731 paperwork showing removed from aircraft serial WK128 at Llanbedr in 1996. WK128 started life as a B2 and was then converted to a TT18 flying in Royal Aircraft establishment Raspberry Ripple colours of red white and blue.

The engine has been blanked, bagged and desiccant packed. The engine sits in the correct transit stand.

This is a rare opportunity as you just don’t find Avons like this anymore…..

As it stands this would make a fantastic museum exhibit or entrance Foyer display piece.

OR potential re-use with the appropriate inspection, test, overhaul.

Data Plate reads as Follows:

Rolls Royce Avon

Mk: 1


AM : A638424

F731 shows 1397.45 HRS Life remaining. Fuel system inhibited with OM11. No log book is available.

Fault / reason for removal appears to show : ”PV Ram U/S Fuel leak” although this is hard to read.

ENGINE SIZE (approx):

-Engine Exhaust diameter 65cm

-Front of engine 90cm diameter

-Length of engine 285cm from front case to end of exhaust unit. The starter dome adds a extra 30cm approx

-weight 1500kg approx

Engine is sold as a display item. No warranty given or implied on any part or component. Sold as is, ex work condition. Not tested.

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