English Electric Lightning P1B RAF Aircraft Rolls Royce Avon Mk209 Jet Engine


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English Electric Lightning P1B


Rolls Royce Avon Mk209 Jet engine

From one of the 3 prototype P1B Lightnings

Another Rare and historical find brought to you by Jet Art Aviation

This really is a very special opportunity for a major museum or discerning private collector.

This engine is stunning and superb, almost immaculate in every way.

The Avon mk209 engine was only used in the P1B prototype Lightning’s of which 3 were built.

The P1B aircraft were used for research and development and were built prior to a batch of 20 pre production Lightning F1 aircraft. The P1B aircraft used the Avon Mk209, the preproduction F1 aircraft were upgraded with the Avon Mk210 engines installed.

The history behind this engine is as follows. After use on the P1B aircraft the engine was removed and returned to Rolls Royce for overhaul. Zero timed it was returned to the Air Ministry where it sat at an M.U for a decade or so before being auctioned off as MOD surplus equipment some time in the 1970’s. A gentleman bought the engine and stored her for the best part of 30 years, crated, correctly bagged and blanked dessicant packed never to see the light of day. As such the engine has been preserved almost perfectly. The engine is currently in storage at our North Yorkshire site.

Date Plate reads as Follows:

Rolls Royce Avon

Mk: 20901B


AM : A657018

The Details:

The engine is near perfect.The aluminium compressor blades look new and have a date of 3rd Aug 1967. The rear turbine blades have their balancing weights hand written on each individual balde. The engine is Very, Very clean and in all honesty is the best Avon engine I have ever seen. The engine is fully blanked front and rear. A stores tag is fitted to a micro switch on the underside of the engine The only defect I found is some very minor corrosion around the compressor housing side bolts. There is a tacho generator fitted for the rev counter. The engine turns smoothly and freely. This type of engine used a IPN starter. Basically a small engine that ran on a type of rocket fuel. The starter is normally housed inside the nose dome. No starter is fitted or included. The nose dome is like new and easily unclips. Oil tank is empty. The Exhaust unit has the metal jet pipe seal still fitted. No log book is available. ENGINE SIZE: -Engine Exhaust diameter 63.3cm -Front of engine 85 cm diameter -Length of engine 293cm from front case to end of exhaust unit. The starter dome adds a extra 43cm approx -weight 1500kg approx

The following information was very kindly supplied and researched by Rolls Royce Heritage Trust Engine Data Department. Extract taken direct from their email:

”As far as I can tell, no other 209s are preserved. They were, as Chris says, pre-prod engines.

In all, 62 were built in five small batches between November 1956 and October 1958, the first at Barnoldswick (the Type Test engine which eventually went into bond at East Kilbride in Nov ’62) and the rest at Derby. Most went to EE Preston but others went to Pyestock, AAEE, Napier (Luton) and 57MU.

The records note some as having been converted to Mk.210 so I suspect that this is the reason why so few appear to have survived – they were upgraded to 210. Interestingly, 8834 is one with this notation though its number plate would seem to belie this (maybe the ‘B’ after the ECU number denotes the upgrade…? I’ve not seen it before.).

8834/A657018 went to test on 15.8.57 and was despatched to EE Preston on 5.9.57. In December ’58 it was at Derby for conversion to 210, and in March ’59 it went back to EE Preston.

My data records the thrust (Min. SL Static) as 10750lb (13720 with reheat) at 8000rpm, while the 210 was slightly higher at 11090lb (14140 r/h) and merely notes that the 210 is the production version of the 209.


RRHT Engine Data”

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