Falklands RAF Tornado F3 Aircraft ZG797 “D” Desperation Fin Flash


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Falklands 1435 FLIGHT

Tornado F3 Aircraft Fin Flash National Marking

Removed and salvaged from Tornado F.3 ZG797 Code “D” for Desperation

**Own a VERY RARE piece of aviation / Falklands history**

Mountable Aviation Wall Art for your home, office or hangar

Last photo illustrates Tornado F.3 Code D in service

Size: 51cm length x 20cm width x 5.5cm max depth Approx. Weight 3kg Approx.

Used as flown condition. Some scuffs / pitting to paintwork. Section has been cut to size so may have sharp edges in places. These can easily be smoothed down. Comes with original aircraft grime on back of Fin Flash! Please look at the additional photos for further information on this item.


ZG797 was delivered to RAF Coningsby 23.10.92.  Reassigned to 43 squadron in 03′, it was coded “GF” in 2004 and received 43 Sqn special marks with black tail and spine. It was assigned to 1435 Flight as “C” (Charity) before returning to 43 Sqn in 2006. Once again it was reassigned to 1435 flight as “D” (Desperation) before returning to the UK in 2007 as part of the final Tornado F.3 deployment and sent to Leeming.*

*Peter Foster, Tornado ADV

While permanently based in the Falklands Island, the four Tornado F.3 aircraft provide a 365-day, 24-hour alert. The 1435 Flight has maintained its Maltese connections, with its aircraft sporting the Maltese cross. The practice of naming the four-aircraft presence on the islands has also been maintained: they are called Faith, Hope and Charity, after the legendary three Gloster Sea Gladiators that once defended Malta, and Desperation. Desperation was added to the three traditional names when Phantoms entered service in the Falklands and the flight was revived in 1988. Faith, Hope and Charity fly operationally, with Desperation appropriately in reserve.  The four Tornados remained in active service until they were replaced in their turn by four Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 in September 2009. Although the unit’s new aircraft do not have the traditional names applied, the four aircraft have tailcodes that match (F, H, C, D).**



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