Low Speed Emergency Parachute and Pack 7 Cell Ram Air


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White Ram Air Parachute with back pack and lines

Used by many skydivers the RAM AIR Parachute uses ‘ribs’ between the top and bottom fabric sheets to create a set of individual cells that inflate when moving air is pushed in through the front, and inflates the parachute all the way to the back, creating a steerable air-foil.

Full Kit:

  • Pilot Chute with spring and mesh
  • Deployment bag
  • Pack
  • Parachute
  • Lines


Para-Flite INC

Oct 1980



Max speed 150 MPH


Relative Workshop Inc

Wonderhog Harness Type II

Jan 1980


All lines look good and un-frayed, no cord for the pack closure, NOT TESTED.

Parachute will be shipped unpacked.

This item is used and we do not guarantee viability or any life saving abilities; sold as display use only.

Our ref 19062630

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