RAAF RAF GAF Jindivik Drone Aircraft Ram Air Scoop Cooling Duct Custom Car


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GAF Jindivik 103BL Drone Aircraft

Ram Air Scoop

Cooling Duct

Ideal for Drag / Race / Hot Rod / Custom Car 

Job lot of 4 Scoops

Used as flown condition. All four scoops needs some attention, as fibreglass is broken/ chipped. Paint missing and chipped off. All four scoops have scuffs and scratches.  Please look at pictures closely (particularly picture of all 4 scoops) as what you see is what you will receive. These would look pretty awesome cleaned up, painted and fitted to your Hot Rod!!


The GAF Jindivik is a target drone produced by the Australian Government Aircraft Factory (GAF). The name is from an Aboriginal Australian word meaning the hunted one. Two manned prototypes, were built as GAF Pikas (Project C) as a proof of concept to test the aerodynamics, engine and radio control systems, serialled A92-1/2, ‘B-1/2’. The unmanned variant was initially designated the Project B and received serials in the A93 series. Pika is an Aboriginal Australian word meaning flier. Last photo illustrates Jindivik Drone only. 

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