BAE 146 Jet Engine Honeywell ALF502 LF507 Front Compressor Fan

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Front Compressor  Jet Engine Fan

As fitted to the very front of a Honeywell ALF502 / LF507  Jet engine on BAe 146 aircraft

Beautiful piece of engineering – use for up-cycling home decor

Ideal for creating unusual Aviation wall Art in the Office – display it in your reception, or at home!

Made from high grade metal. Titanium.

Please contact us for an accurate shipping cost. All quotes are estimates. This is a large heavy item. ~106kg volumetric weight. Contact us to discuss your shipping requirement.

Size: 102cm diameter, shaft hole 9cm, 14cm height all approx

Weight: 39kg approx

Condition: Very good used as removed condition. One or two of the blades have a slightly different appearance to the others when viewed up close, this does not show up on the photos but needs mentioning. This is possibly due to the blades being replaced in service. The blades and hub would all easily polish up to a mirror finish if taken to a professional polishing shop. Please see photos for reference. Rare and unusual Honeywell engine fan. This is the first time we have ever seen one of these for sale to the collector/art market.


The BAe 146 is a high-wing cantilever monoplane with a T-tail. It has four turbofan engines mounted on pylons underneath the wings, and has retractable tricycle landing gear. The aircraft has very quiet operation, and has been marketed under the name Whisperjet. In its primary role it serves as a regional jet, short-haul airliner or regional airliner. BAe aircraft are also used by the Royal Air Force on the Queens Flight for VIP transportation.

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