RAF Aircraft BAE Harrier Jump Jet Pegasus Jet Engine Stator Blade 25cm Titanium


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BAE Harrier Jump Jet Pegasus Jet Engine Fan Blade

A beautiful piece of engineering used on Harrier Jump Jet Engines.

25cm in Length Approx.


The Pegasus vectored-thrust turbofan is a two-shaft design featuring three low pressure (LP) and eight high pressure (HP) compressor stages driven by two LP and two HP turbine stages respectively. Unusually the LP and HP spools rotate in opposite directions to greatly reduce the gyroscopic effects which would otherwise hamper low speed handling. LP and HP fan blading is titanium, the LP fan blades operating in the partly supersonic region, and airflow is 432 lb/s. The engine employs a simple thrust vectoring system that uses four swiveling nozzles, giving the Harrier thrust both for lift and forward propulsion, allowing for STOVL flight.


A great memento or gift for the aviation enthusiast.



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