RAF Aircraft Irvin Seat Parachute Pack Harness WW2 Spitfire Hurricane etc


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Vintage WW2 Style Parachute harness and Pack

As used by pilots on aircraft such as Spitfire, Hurricane, Typhoon etc

This is a complete original rig with parachute still packed. It has not been made up from parts.

Ideal for Museum display and re-enactors.

The rig comprises the following:

Back pad. Parachute Back pad Irvin Mk1 Ref: 15A/191. No date visible. Clean condition. One small hole on the front and back of the back pad towards the bottom edge of the pad. Rear of the pad is marked with a AM Arrow.

Harness: No date or part number visible. Some staining and dirt due to age.  Some fraying around the buckle on one shoulder strap.  Small stitch repair along the edge of the crotch loop around 6cm long. The harness has the rip cord and buckle attached. The buckle works correctly.

Parachute pack: Type S Mk2 for nylon rigging lines. Ref 15A/96 dated 27 may 1953. The pack does contain a chute still correctly packed. We tentatively opened the pack to inspect the chute but didn’t fully unpack due to the unlikelihood of being able to get it closed again! The chute can be seen on the last two photos.

Condition: Used as flown vintage condition. Shows signs of wear and dirt as you would expect of this age. Has marks on canvas and fraying in places. Condition and completeness is as per the photos

Weight: 4.1kg approx

Our ref: 18121761

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