RAF Aircraft Lucas Contactor Type D 26704 Ex Panavia Tornado 28V 125 AMPS


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RAF Aircraft

Panavia Tornado

Lucas Electrical Contactor

28V 125 Amp

Complete with Plug


Spares recovered from a Tornado aircraft


This item has been tested recently by an ex RAF Electrician. Found to be in full working order.Test Results as follows:
“Was run up to 175 Amps for ten seconds showing a maximum of 82mVolts (0.082V) volt drop across the contacts. Test repeated 3 times no detectable temperature rise in the contact assay.
One sweet little contactor
Pull in 13.7Volt drop out 6.6Volt
The contact structure is in immaculate as new condition.
From the internal dimensions I would rate it at 225A max continuous given a normal current density norm of 3KA per Sq inch.

However the coil has a resistance of approx 48 Ohms so is intermittantly rated on 28V disipating 16.3 watts.
Over a 7 minute soak the coil temp got to 47Deg C so not suitable for continuous duty on buss control.”


Condition: Good used as removed condition as per photograph.

Few marks and scratches from standard service use.

Ref No: 30MU.10.96.R

S/N: H 2338

Size: 8cm diameter x 8cm high approx

Type: D26704 28 volts 125 amps

Our ref: 15060501

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