RAF Aircraft Pilot Flying Internal Anti G Trousers Mk6C Hawk Tornado Tuccano


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RAF Aircraft

Pilot Flying Suit Anti G Trousers MK 6C

aka ‘ Speed Jeans ‘

Ref: 22C/1300182

Type as used for pilots of Hawk, Tuccano, Tornado Aircraft etc.

Mk6C Anti G Trousers are worn on top of under garments but under the flying suit.

Available in  used, good condition, with few signs of wear. All zips in working order, complete and not cut. Inflation hoses fitted (LHS) – inflates with air blown in.

Standard western sizes with adjustable straps to adjust waist and leg circumference. Sizes are guides and approximate only. All sizes will stretch to approx 115cm waist but the leg length differs.

Small – 88cm Leg

Medium – 99cm leg

Large – 103cm leg


Please note: we do not guarantee working/flight order and there may be very slight variations in the G trousers you receive compared to the flight suit photographed. However all G trousers should reach you in a usable, as described condition.

Our ref: 19112831

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