RAF EE Canberra Aircraft Rolls Royce Avon Jet Engine Nose Cone Spinner


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English Electric Canberra Royal Air Force Rolls Royce Jet Engine

Nose Cone Spinner

Would make a nice ornament, upscale project etc

This is from an English Electric Canberra aircraft and covers the single breech Cartridge starter as fitted to: B2, T4 and TT18 variant EE Canberra aircraft.

Features “CART 9 MK-2” written in big red letters twice.

Size: diameter 30cm (max), 15cm (min) x height 36cm approx

Weight: 1.2kg approx

Condition: Used as removed condition. Has some corrosion, small dents and stains. Please see pics for more detail.

Our ref 17071461

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