RAF Alvis Leonides Piston Provost Aircraft Radial Engine Inlet Valve Collets


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RAF Piston Provost Aircraft

Alvis Leonides Radial Piston Engine

Exhaust Valve Collets – full set of 18

Spares recovered from a MK126 engine formally used on a RAF Piston Provost aircraft.

Alvis Leonides was a supercharged 9 cylinder air-cooled radial aero piston engine.

Made in the UK 1940’s / 50’s approx.

Condition: Good used as removed condition as per photographs. Items were spares recovered from a former serviceable engine that had been held as a vintage UK MOD spare. The engines these were recovered from had been heavily inhibited with grease internally, preserving the components in great condition.

Items are exactly as removed with inhibiting grease on them and have not been cleaned.

Our ref: 18112802

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