RAF Avro Vulcan Bomber Aircraft RR Olympus Jet Engine blade Gift Box 10.3cm


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Avro Vulcan

Rolls Royce Olympus Jet Engine Blade

Recovered from a Vulcan Olympus engine broken for spares in the 1990’s

This is a used as flown blade that once helped power the mighty Avro Vulcan V Bomber aircraft.

The Rolls Royce Olympus Jet Engine was the world’s first designed two-spool, axial-flow turbojet engine. Powering the mighty Avro Vulcan V Bomber from 1956 to 1984.

Later the Olympus engine was developed to become Supersonic for the TSR2 and gave birth to the Snecma Olympus 593 engine which powered Concorde.

10.5cm tall approx

Perfect gift for a Vulcan enthusiast, ready gift boxed with a detail card.

All blades are in good ‘used as removed’ condition some light scuffs to the enamel: The blade you receive may not be the one photographed.

Our ref: 18112834

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