RAF Harrier Aircraft RR Pegasus Jet Engine HPC Compressor Vane Gift Set of 3


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Harrier Jump Jet

Rolls Royce Pegasus Jet Engine

 Set of 3 HPC Compressor Vanes

Made from Titanium

Condition: New. Blades were in a protective wax packaging before being opened. Gift Boxed.

A great memento or gift for the aviation enthusiast.

Blades- Large to Small cm (approx):

  1. 12.5
  2. 10.5
  3. 8.5

The Rolls Royce Pegasus Jet Engine powers all versions of the mighty Harrier Jump Jet.

Capable of V/STOL  –Vertical/Short Take Off & Landing– the Olympus can direct thrust downwards, through 4 swivelling nozzles at the side of the Harrier fuselage; allowing access to usually impenetrable areas for standard aircraft.

Our ref: 20022630

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