RAF Panavia Tornado Aircraft Wing Flap Ideal Table Top Shelf Cocktail Bar Bench


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Panavia Tornado Aircraft

Wing Flap

Starboard Centre Inboard Position

Ideal for conversion into Desk or Table – Fabulous as a Cocktail Bar!!

This Wing Flap has been professionally de-skinned by the RAF. This makes it ideal  for simply adding a glass top and creating a one-off desk for your office!

Size: length 134cm x width 79m (max) Weight Approx 20kg


Used as flown condition. This wing flap shows signs of wear and tear – there are scratches and scuffs in places. The corner of the flap is also bent. Please see photographs to see these imperfections. What you see in the pictures is what you will receive.


The Tornado is a twin engine variable geometry swing wing combat aircraft used by the RAF today.
To enable it to perform well across an entire flight envelope, the Tornado was designed to allow the pilot to sweep the wings back during flight.
This enabled the aircraft to perform exceptionally well at low-level supersonic flight, as well as short field take off and landing. Last photo illustrates Tornado Aircraft in service.

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