Ex PINKY RAF Tornado GR4 ZG750 128 31 Sqn Aircraft Fin Cap Marking


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Panavia Tornado GR4

Aircraft Fin Cap

As removed from ZG750 in 2012 when it was part of 31 Sqn before the aircraft was turned into the famous “Pinky”, named for the ‘desert pink’ paint scheme it flew in for air shows.

Mountable Aviation Wall Art for your home, office or hangar

An iconic piece of aviation history you can own and display

Ideal for creating one-off Aviation themed Cocktail Bar etc etc …

Paperwork included, was removed from ZG750 06/09/12 at RAF Marham due to the fin cap being “delaminated around leading edge aperture” .

Size: 235cm length x 43cm high x 10cm width Approx.

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The penultimate photo shows the fin cap in service, the last photo shows “Pinky” as she is now.

Condition: Used as flown condition. Various scuffs and scratches from service use and storage after removal. Good condition to create a nice piece of Aviation Art. Please see photos for additional information on this item.


The Tornado is a twin engine variable geometry swing wing combat aircraft used by the RAF today.

To enable it to perform well across an entire flight envelope, the Tornado was designed to allow the pilot to sweep the wings back during flight.

This enabled the aircraft to perform exceptionally well at low-level supersonic flight, as well as short field take off and landing.

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