RAF Panavia Tornado Rear Cockpit Navigators Hand Controller Control Column Stick


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Panavia Tornado Aircraft Rear Cockpit


As fitted to Tornado GR1 & GR4

Used by Navigator to control radar and screens in the rear cockpit.

Type: MRCA – NHC

Part No: 23900 05

Serial No: 0697

Size: 24cm high, 8cm wide, 10.5cm depth approx.

Condition: As per photographs. The stick itself has some wear from its time in service, with small chips and marks from its many uses. Please see pics for further reference.


The Tornado is a twin engine variable geometry swing wing combat aircraft used by the RAF today. To enable it to perform well across an entire flight envelope, the Tornado was designed to allow the pilot to sweep the wings back during flight. This enabled the aircraft to perform exceptionally well at low-level supersonic flight, as well as short field take off and landing.

Our ref: 18021260

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