Handley Page Jetstream Aircraft G-AXEL Wing section Bar Table Top


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Handley Page Jetstream HP-137

Aircraft Wing Section

With G-AXEL registration Markings

Jetstream Pilots – Fantastic piece of aviation art for your home or hangar. Ideal for creating unique Bar Top, Cocktail Bar, etc ect …

Used as college instructional piece. The skin has been removed on the underside to reveal ribs, internal structure and fuel tank.


Removed from G-AXEL. This fixed wing multi engined aircraft was built in in 1968. This particular aircraft was operated by the British Steel Corp.

During 1969 the Jetstream was on a crew training flight when the port wing dropped during the flare for touchdown. The port main gear leg struck the ground and tore through a hedge, causing the aircraft to skid. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair. There were no fatalities or injuries during the incident- all 3 crew survived.  Last photo illustrates Jetstream HP 137 Aircraft. 

Used as removed. Paint missing in places. Scuffs and scratches. What you see in the pictures is what you will receive.

Size: overall length 465cm x 103cm width x 30cm depth Approx.

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