RAF SA Bulldog Aircraft Cockpit Section Canopy Upcyle Simulator XX665


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RAF Scottish Aviation Bulldog Aircraft

Cockpit Section with Canopy

Ideal for turning into a simulator, for gaming or converting into one-off aviation themed garden furniture or a sculpture.

The windscreen is not present, however it does have the canopy and canopy hoop. This cockpit section has been spares recovered and was taken from XX665 which force landed in a field near Balloch, Strathclyde in 1997 after suffering engine problems. The two crew were uninjured. The canopy has been previously laced/repaired as per photographs.

This is a big item- Can be cut down to size to meet your requirements. Please contact us directly to discuss. Collection only. 

Size: Length 280cm, width, 210cm, height 140cm. All measurements are approximate.

Weight: This weighs approximately 131.5kg

Used as flown condition. Completeness as per photographs.  Please see all photos for additional information on the item.


The Scottish Aviation Bulldog is a British two-seat side-by-side (with optional third seat) training aircraft designed by Beagle Aircraft as the B.125 Bulldog. The prototype Bulldog flew on 19 May 1969 at Shoreham Airport. The first order for the type was for 78 from the Swedish Air Board. Before any production aircraft were built, Beagle Aircraft ceased trading and the production rights for the aircraft, with the Swedish order, were taken over by Scottish Aviation (Bulldog) Limited. All subsequent aircraft were built at Prestwick Airport by Scottish Aviation, and later by British Aerospace.

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