RAF Tornado Aircraft RB199 Jet Engine Stage Fan Ring Mirror Display


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As fitted to Tornado Aircraft

RB199 Jet Engine

Engine Stage Ring

**Ideal for creating one-off piece of Aviation Wall Art for your Garden, Garage or hangar!!

Size: 38.5cm max diam x 2cm depth Approx.

Good used as flown condition. Ideal condition for creating one-off display piece. As you can see from the pictures a metal strip is loosely placed on top. This will need securing in place if you mount it on a wall. Please see photos as what you see is what you will receive.


The Tornado is a twin engine variable geometry swing wing combat aircraft used by the RAF today.
To enable it to perform well across an entire flight envelope, the Tornado was designed to allow the pilot to sweep the wings back during flight.
This enabled the aircraft to perform exceptionally well at low-level supersonic flight, as well as short field take off and landing.*


Last photo illustrates Tornado aircraft only

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