RAF Tornado Aircraft RR RB199 Titanium Jet Engine LP2 Fan Upcycle


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Panavia Tornado Aircraft

Rolls Royce RB199 Jet Engine LP2 Fan

Absolutely magnificent piece of engineering totally ready for conversion to a one-off piece of Aviation Wall Art for your home, hangar or office.

Easily convert it to unique mirror or clock, mounted in the center or add legs for a coffee table

This is the second fan from the front of the engine. Professionally machined off the compressor drum and the blades bonded onto the hub.

  • Outer diameter 69cm
  • Weight 18kg
  • Inner diameters max 18cm – min 10cm
  • Blade length 17cm
  • Depth 12cm
  • Made of TITANIUM.

Good used as flown condition. There are small marks apparent from its time in service. Please see photos for detailed condition.

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Our ref 20081101

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