RAF Tornado Aircraft RR RB199 Titanium Jet Engine LP2 Fan Upcycle


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Panavia Tornado Aircraft

Rolls Royce RB199 Jet Engine LP2 Fan

Absolutely magnificent piece of engineering totally ready for conversion to a one-off piece of Aviation Wall Art for your home, hangar or office.

Easily convert it to unique mirror or clock, mounted in the centre

This is the second fan from the front of the engine. It has been professionally machined off the compressor drum and the blades have been bonded onto the hub.

Size Approx: Outer diameter 69cm Inner diameter cm 7cm deep, depth 30cm all approx

Weight 17kg approx


Good used as flown condition. There are small marks apparent from its time in service. Please see photos for detailed condition.

Shipping: If there is not a quote for your country please contact us.


The Tornado is a twin engine variable geometry swing wing combat aircraft used by the RAF today.
To enable it to perform well across an entire flight envelope, the Tornado was designed to allow the pilot to sweep the wings back during flight.
This enabled the aircraft to perform exceptionally well at low-level supersonic flight, as well as short field take off and landing.*

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