RN Jetstream T2 ZA110 Aircraft Attitude Gyro Artificial Horizon Type 2181ACFK


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Royal Navy Jetstream T2 Aircraft ZA110

Attitude Indicator Artificial Horizon – Attitude Gyro

Type No. 2181ACF-K

Part No: 4000089-0004

Comes with unserviceable paperwork dated September ’06. Station CU IRS.

Stating ” SST attempted IAW AP112G-0356-1, CH2,AL 0.Fault confirmed at PARA 2.4-2.7

(symbol wings do not level). Assessed unserviceable.” BUR

Symptoms : failed SST

Reason for removal: Indicates incorrectly: 20 deg’s nose down and 20 deg’s right bank. No off flag seen.

Ref: 6TR 6251929

Serial No: 1312

Manufactured by Aviation Instrument MFG Corp for Bendix Avionics USA

Good used as removed condition with glass intact. Some scratches to outer casing, turns freely. Good clean connections, please see photographs.

Comes in a sturdy but weathered case

Size: 8.5cm dia x 17cm depth from knob approx. Distance between mounting holes 6cm approx.

Our ref: 19020101

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