RAF Aircraft Martin Baker Ejection Seat Drogue Irvin Parachute


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Irvin Parachute Canopy  for a Martin Baker Ejection seat

Can you identify? very unusual and of a type we have not seen before. Could be very current spec or trial / development drogue?

Looks like aircraft deceleration chute or Martin Baker Ejection seat drogue chute. Hardware has MB part numbers. Canopy made by Irvin

MBEU 162606

Drg: DBS 233

Ref: I.A.C 78

Type: T116/1

S/N: RP 3883

Date: 12 MAR 1992

Issue: 2

Size: 125cm width

Good used as removed condition. Does not appear to have any tears or pulls in the fabric. What you see in the pictures is what you will receive.

Our ref: 16012050


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