Russian Vedeneyev M14P Aircraft Radial Engine Full Set of Conrod and Piston


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Russian Vedeneyev M14P  9 cylinder  Radial Aircraft Engine

Complete set of Conrods and Pistons

Would make a unique piece of up-cycled wall art, table or ornament for anyone with artistic flair and a love of beautiful engineering.

  • nine-cylinder
  • four-stroke
  • air-cooled
  • petrol-powered radial engine
  • 360 hp
  • Designed in 1940s
  • Last engine manufactured 1993/4

Size: 57cm total diameter, 10.5cm piston diameter, all approx

Weight: 14.3kg approx

Condition: Good used as removed condition as per photographs. Some very slight corrosion but hardly noticeable. Beautiful piece of engineering. This item is in clean as removed condition. It came out of an inhibited engine that had been held as a spare as such the metal components have a film of protective grease/oil. If using for art or display purposes it would be prudent to de-grease before use.

Consisting of 9x pistons: 1x master conrod – 8 x standard conrods

Our ref: 20042230

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