Westland Lynx Helicopter Rolls Royce Gem Aircraft Turboshaft Jet Engine


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Westland Lynx Helicopter

Rolls Royce Gem Jet Engine

A turboshaft engine developed specifically for the Lynx Helicopter.

This example is mounted on a pallet and is ready for shipping. This engine is an ex college instructional/training engine and is identified as such on the data plate. The engine looks to be an example that at the end of its service life  has then been used for instructional training use. The front has the compressor fan installed which rotates when turned by hand, the rear end has the turbine installed which once again rotates when spun by hand. It is noted that the cooling fan for the oil cooler spins very freely with no resistance so it may be that the internal gears/driveshaft for this component are not installed?

Condition and completeness is as per the photos. Ideal museum display engine or college instructional piece. Due to the former “Training Aid Engine” history on this example it is probably not suitable for ground running applications such as use in speed boats etc without thorough inspection and overhaul. Ideal spares source for rebuilding an existing Gem core.

  • Length: 109cm
  • Diameter: 59cm
  • Weight: 183 kg – all Dims approx


  • LP Compressor 4 Stage Axial with Bleed Valve
  • HP Compressor Centrifugal Impeller
  • Combustion Chamber Reverse Flow Annular with 17 Vaporising Burners
  • Compressor Turbines 1 Stage Axial each
  • Power Turbine 2 Stage Axial with reduction gearbox in the nose, output shaft speed 6164 rpm ratio 4.5:1
  • Starting Starter Generator
  • Ignition Two Torch Igniters with High Energy Plugs
  • Fuel System Gear pump with Hydro-mechanical or Electronic Fuel Controls, Electronic Protection System.
  • Oil System Return System with Pressure and Scavenge pumps, Engine Mounted Tank and Oil cooler

General characteristics
Type: Triple-shaft two-spool turboshaft
Length: 43.4 in (1090 mm)
Diameter: 23.5 in (590 mm)
Dry weight: 414 lb (187 kg)

Compressor: 4-stage axial LP, single-stage centrifugal HP
Turbine: 2-stage power turbine, single-stage LP, single-stage HP

Maximum power output: 1,000 shp (746 kW)
Overall pressure ratio: 12:1
Air mass flow: 7 lb/sec
RPM: Nh= 43,400rpm Nl=37,600 rpm Npt= 27,738rpm

Contact us regarding shipping queries. Pick up can be arranged. We can ship worldwide but only to certain friendly countries. Export outside the UK requires an export licence which could take up to 6 weeks to be issued.

We are unable to functionally test the engine so as such it is sold as is, sold ex works as ex UK MOD equipment.

Our ref: 17122061

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